AI-augmented Sales Assistant, Powered by the B2B Network

Be it MSMEs or Farmer Producer Orgs or the Financiers: All benefit from Leebot and the algorithm-driven B2B Network!

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How it works

  • SMEchain's auto-discovery and algorithms build your ideal B2B Network from thousands of data points

  • SMEs can get leads and push deals through industry specific B2B Network & also get their invoices financed seamlessly.

  • SMEchain’s credit model helps Financiers to reach credit worthy SMEs through accounting software such as Tally & Zoho

B2B Network

Manufacturers, Buyers and Financiers, All Benefit from B2B Network!

  • Manufacturers: Industry specific, location-aware B2B Network for outbound marketing/sales insights & demand sensing
  • Suppliers: Access buyers that are likely to purchase your products and finance your invoices
  • Buyers: Get great offers and finance your transaction seamlessly
  • Banks/NBFCs: Identify credit worthy SMEs and get early warnings
  • SMEs: Get your credit eligibility and get seamless access to finance

Get Leads and Push Deals through B2B Network

Our AI engine sends leads periodically to your inbox or integrates seamlessly into your CRM software

Push deals or offers and reach the right customers determined by our algorithms

Interact with Leebot, our smart assistant over email, chat or voice and transact right from your phone!

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